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Quick Installation manual for SYSTEM COPAL 4

We present the quick installation manual for Copal SYSTEM 4. Full installation instructions in PDF format available for our subcontractors.

Assembly of SYSTEM COPAL 3 in Warsaw - Saska building

We present you mounting of our balcony enclosures in the System Copal 3 system. Copal Company is a manufacturer and system owner. The System Copal 3 is approved by the Building Research Institute (ITB).

Regulation of Copal teller window

Regulation of actuator in Copal teller window

Removing the actuator from Copal teller window

Video presentation of dismantling the pneumatic actuator (hidden in a pipe 30 x 30) from Copal teller window

Mounting the actuator in Copal teller window

Mounting the Actuator after previous dismantling to the Copal teller window


Production process of frameless balcony enclosures - System Copal 3

The production process of Copal frameless balcony enclosures.

Milling of closing profile for E411 lock

Milling of closing profile for E411 lock - Copal

Connecting railway P3121 for Copal balcony enclosure

The film shows how to connect railway P3121 using N-6 tool and E3023 connecting bolts


presentation of pneumatic actuator in the Copal Teller Window

Copal teller window with pneumatic actuator

Copal in TVN Meteo!

All about fashion of winter gardens. Can we have balcony enclosure? How much those costs? Which plants can we keep on them? All this and more on TVN Meteo visiting Copal Warsaw branch.

Copal frame and frameless enclosures - strength of tempered glass 6mm and 4mm float glass

Strength test of tempered glass 6 mm and 4 mm float glass in Copal frame and frameless balcony enclosures.

Test of resistance to soft body impact - 4mm float glass, fiber - cement board

Strength test of the float 4 mm glass in frame Copal balcony enclosures and fiber - cement board as a filling of aluminum Copal railings

frameless system - System Copal 3

frameless balcony enclosure